Build your MONEY FIT PLAN:
4 Steps to Financial Freedom
AUTOMATE Your Investing 

Made BY a Busy Mom
FOR Busy Moms 
Have you been meaning to:

  •  Build wealth by investing in tax-advantaged accounts . . . but feel like you don't know enough about investing? 
  • See if you're ON TRACK for your RETIREMENT GOALS . . . but haven't gotten around to it?
  • Possibly MEET WITH ME to go over your finances . . . but was deterred by the cost of 1-on-1 Financial Coaching sessions

Then I created this course for YOU.

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Do you need the . . .



ACCOUNTABILITY to get your finances together?  

Get your finances, investing, and retirement on track once and for all!

Cue a HUGE sigh of relief.

Build your MONEY FIT PLAN: The 4 Steps to Financial Freedom


(Investing 101: How to buy your freedom -- The life-changing information you wish you’d known earlier)


(Investing 101: Build wealth faster by climbing smarter -- not harder)


(Investing 101: Financial goals first + Savings rate)


(Investing 101: Assets, Allocations, and Management -- Stop making your financial advisor rich!)


About The Instructor:
(MAcc + Financial Educator)

Lisa has always been a nerd and earned two accounting degrees to prove it. After working as a tax accountant, she started taking care of three cute (but noisy) boys. Overwhelmed by motherhood, she figured out how to build wealth automatically with simple, tax-advantaged investing. She became a Financial Educator to spread the news that investing (and even retiring early!) can be simple.  


Worth every penny!

Where do I even begin? This course was worth every penny (and I’m choosy with how I spend mine!). I’d do it over again in a heartbeat! Lisa made the information readily accessible and easy to understand which made getting on top of our financial planning so much more manageable. Before I began the course, I was feeling overwhelmed and out of my depth when it came to understanding and executing investments. Thanks to Lisa’s teaching and support, now I feel much more equipped to make educated decisions regarding our financial planning for retirement.

February 16. 2024

Amazing Financial Course!

Lisa did an excellent job at making money make sense. We learned about what we actually needed to do and what wasn't just hype from financial "gurus". She truly knows her stuff and we'd highly recommend her course!

Kyle and Jamie
January 26. 2023

The Motivation I Needed

Thank you for creating this course to help folks, especially moms, work towards financial freedom. My husband actually took the course with me and we learned so much. Lisa made the course engaging and explained things in detail. She even did a session that was just Q&A. I have made necessary financial adjustments because of this course. I can't thank Lisa enough!

Laura B.
March 6, 2023

Money Fit Moms and Lisa are excellent
The training courses were thoughtfully put together, explained step by step, along with reinforcement of information and principles throughout the entire course. The information is broken out in a way that really highlights the basic concepts behind investing.

Additionally, it was a pleasure meeting and speaking with Lisa on the weekly Q&A session. She makes you feel very comfortable to ask any questions (no question too dumb). I can honestly say I've increased my investing knowledge and confidence level with the course.

Appreciate all the time and effort Lisa has given to the course!
Denise W.
September 29, 2023

This course was amazing
This course was amazing! Lisa made it enjoyable, memorable, and easy to understand! Suddenly investing doesn't seem so intimidating anymore. Wish I had had this class 20 years ago!!
Catherine G.
September 28, 2023

Includes Workbook, Checklists and top-rated financial planning software to easily build your LONG-TERM FINANCIAL PLAN 

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NOTE: This program is only for U.S. CITIZENS.